Christine Aziz, MD Christian L. Birkedal, MD Steven C. Bower, MD Jessy Casimiro, MD Rainer Chan, MD Maria Jen Soriano Co, MD Hezi Cohen, MD Adel Y. Daas, MD Joshua Eisenhut, MD Tina Fischer-Carne, MD Carol Gaines, DO David M. Gay, MD Malika George, MD Lisa M. Gonsalves, MD Shrish Kalla, MD Samira Karakossian, MD Vartan Karakossian, MD Kimberly A. Keller, DO Christopher S. Kent, MD Stephen H. Levine, MD Gregory MacIsaac, MD Kathryn Malan, MD Johnna Mantineo, DO, FAAFP Robert J. Martin, MD Judith D. Mathura, MD Shiva Mathura, MD D. Mark Murphy, MD Andrew Niewald, MD Benjamin Peck, MD Rebecca Peck, MD Ronald R. Rasmussen, MD Luther St. James III, MD Nermeen Saleh, MD Rachel Scheerer, MD Julie D. Schneider, MD Jonathan D. Screnock, MD James Michael Sutherland, DO Carol Tanner-St.James, MD Annabell Torres, MD Jonathan Treece, MD Melanie VanDemark, MD T. Christopher Windham, MD, FACS Mina Zahedi, MD

HealthCare Partners

Florida Hospital HealthCare Partners is a multi-specialty physician group in mutual partnership with Florida Hospital DeLand, Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, Florida Hospital Flagler, Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, and Florida Hospital Oceanside. The Florida Hospital HealthCare Partners physicians are strongly aligned with Florida Hospital’s values and mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

As a patient of a HealthCare Partners physician, you will receive the same world-class, compassionate health care that Florida Hospital is known for. The quality and expertise of our physicians is just one of the reasons people choose Florida Hospital HealthCare Partners.


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